Structured Data for Physicians: Maximizing Rich Results

For many customers, their healthcare journey starts from the search bar. A great way for physicians and medical clinics to stand out in search is through structured data. When you implement structured data on your website, your content can become eligible for rich results and enhanced search features (such as review snippets and FAQs), resulting in higher traffic and click through rates.

On Thursday, July 21st, we hosted a webinar on ‘Structured Data for Physicians: Maximizing Rich Results’ to discuss the importance of optimizing structured data and how Baptist Health successfully leveraged structured data to double their click through rates.

During the webinar, we also discussed:

  • The value of optimizing your physician pages with structured data
  • The content you need to achieve physician rich results
  • How structured data helps optimize clicks & appointments

If you missed out on our live webinar session, you can watch our webinar recording below!

Hosted by:

Martha van Berkel
CEO and CoFounder
Schema App


image of our guest Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson
Sr. Digital Content Strategist & Copywriter
Baptist Health

Lauren Anderson, MAMC, is a Senior Digital Content Strategist and Copywriter at Baptist Health. Within her role, she is involved in everything from creating engaging, SEO-enhanced content to PPC campaigns and data analysis, combining her love of story-telling, psychology and technology. She has had the opportunity to create value from this passion at world-renowned companies, including Mayo Clinic, Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts and The First Tee.


A image of our guest Jarod Colautti

Jarod Colautti
Customer Success Manager
Schema App

Jarod is an ambitious graduate from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and an interest in Customer Success, Finance, Marketing, and Business Administration. He loves to talk about ideas, sneakers, and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Jarod is a part of our customer success team, helping Schema App users reach their online business goals through structured data.

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