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Guide to Entities & Knowledge Graphs for SEO

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Use defined entities & robust knowledge graphs to optimize your website for AI Search.

Search engines have evolved from lexical to semantic search. Instead of using keyword matching and rudimentary algorithms to rank results, search engines now use complex AI-powered algorithms to understand the concepts and meaning in a query and on a page to provide relevant search results.

As an SEO professional, you must communicate the meaning and intent behind your content to stay relevant in this new AI search experience. And how can you communicate meaning and intent to search engines?

You must clearly define your entities and showcase their connections to other entities through a knowledge graph using Schema Markup. That way, search engines can derive meaningful context from your content and provide more accurate search results.

This eBook highlights the impact of defining your entities and developing your content knowledge graph on your SEO success in today’s search landscape. It will guide you through the process of defining and linking the entities on your site to construct a robust, reusable knowledge graph using Schema Markup.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Why entities and knowledge graphs are essential for SEO
  • How to define and connect the entities on your site to develop your content knowledge graph
  • The value of knowledge graphs beyond SEO

By applying these learnings, SEO professionals can control how search engines understand their content and accelerate their AI initiatives.

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