Schema App Connector for
Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

If you’re on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and are looking to do sophisticated schema markup, Schema App integrates with AEM 6.4 or 6.5 or on-premise through the Schema App Connector for AEM so that you can get your schema markup server-side.

Schema App Solution + Schema App AEM Connector = Clicks from Structured Data!
  1. Setup Schema App Highlighter to optimize and scale your schema markup.

  2. Set up the AEM Connector and configure it with your Schema App account ID. Within the AEM Connector, schema markup will be generated and sent to the Schema Delivery Network (CDN).

  3. After schema markup is received, it is sent to the AEM Connector to update the local cache.

  4. On page load, the Schema App AEM Connector appends schema markup available in the AEM cache, including it in the response for Google.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Schema App Connector for AEM work with AEM Cloud and On-Premise?
Yes, the Schema App Connector for AEM works with AEM version 6.5, Cloud or On-Premise.

What types of schema markup does the Schema App Connector for AEM generate?
The Schema App Solution can produce any and all schema markup, so that you can achieve any of the 32+ Rich Results. Using the Schema App Highlighter and Editor, you can map your content into vocabulary.

Does Schema App offer Single Sign On?
Yes, Schema App can work with your team to setup Single Sign On within your Enterprise.


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