Schema markup for WordPress,
WooCommerce & any other pages on your website

What’s included in the Advanced WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin

Automatically create default schema markup for article pages, blog posts, search pages, author pages and collection pages.

WooCommerce Logo Simple
WooCommerce Plugin

Markup WooCommerce products and reviews across your website.

WooCommerce Plugin

Markup any page that needs to be marked up using the Schema App Editor. Pages include your Homepage, Contact page, About page, FAQ pages, and more.

How to upgrade to Schema App’s Advanced WordPress plugin

If your WordPress site is best suited for the Schema App Advanced WordPress Plugin + Pro Subscription, follow these steps:
Step 1

Download Schema App’s free WordPress plugin

Step 2

Subscribe for a Schema App Pro Subscription.

Start a FREE trial to see the benefits that structured data has to offer for your website!

Step 3
  • Login to your Schema App Editor account.
  • Select “Integrations” from the menu. If you haven’t picked an integration yet, all the available integrations will be listed.
  • Find the WordPress tile, and click “Learn More”.
  • Click on the “About Schema App Advanced WordPress Plugin” drop-down.
  • Once the tab is open, click “here” to download the Advanced WordPress plugin.

To complete the installation, follow the remaining steps outlined in our Customer Support article here.

Advanced WordPress Plugin Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Schema App WooCommerce Plugin

The WooCommerce plugin requires a Schema App monthly subscription, which also gives you access to the Advanced WordPress Plugin.

Bring out the full potential of schema markup for product ( This plugin is built so that you can inform Google about the unique quality of your WooCommerce site. This way, when a search engine crawls your site it can see all of your products and understand how it can find you buyers, including all variations.

The Schema WooCommerce Plugin fully implements schema for WooCommerce. If you are looking for the most comprehensive product plugin for WooCommerce, you’ve found it.

WooCommerce’s default markup only goes part way in this regard, our plugin fills in the rest. On top of it all, we keep it fiercely up to date. With this plugin, you get a rich snippet! Our newest update maps all your custom attributes. This means that if you have made some custom attributes on your product that align with markup for product, such as color or weight, we will use the markup designated for that specific attribute. If the custom attribute is not in, we will map it to the generic additionalProperty class. Never has their been a more comprehensive markup plugin for WooCommerce!

Schema WooCommerce Plugin provides:

  • More than twice as much data than WooCommerce defaults
  • Fixes the WooCommerce Structured Data error
  • Pricing variations, item conditions
  • Full support for product variations
  • All Custom attributes mapped into
  • Google Merchant compliant JSON-LD (see Google Requirements)

Here is what’s included in product markup, everything in bold is over and above the default markup:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Url
  • Sku
  • Image (the whole product gallery)
  • Offers (price, currency, availability)
  • AggregateRating
  • Review
  • Category
  • Color
  • Item Condition
  • GTIN (including gtin8, gtin12, gtin13, gtin14) Global Trade Identification Numbers
  • Related Products
  • Upsell Products
  • Dimensions (height, width, length including mapping to universal unitCodes)
  • Weight (includes mapping to universal unitCodes)
  • Offer Variations (Each product variation is mapped to unique Offers)
  • ALL Custom Attribute Properties to additionalProperty

Frequently Asked Questions

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