Advanced WordPress Plugin with Pro Subscription

Schema App’s Advanced WordPress Plugin with the Pro Subscription gives you all of the benefits of the free WordPress plugin PLUS the ability to manually markup WooCommerce products and reviews, and any other pages on your website through the Schema App Editor.

Advanced WordPress Plugin

Automatically create default schema markup for article pages, blog posts, search pages, author pages and collection pages.

Schema App Pro Subscription

Markup WooCommerce products and reviews, and any other page that needs to be marked up using the Schema App Editor. Pages include your Homepage, Contact page, About page, FAQ pages, and more.

How to upgrade to Schema App’s Advanced WordPress plugin

If your WordPress site is best suited for the Schema App Advanced WordPress Plugin + Pro Subscription, you have two options.

Option 1: Do It Yourself

Step 1

Download Schema App’s free WordPress plugin

Step 2

Subscribe for a Schema App Pro Subscription.

Start a FREE trial to see the benefits that structured data has to offer for your website!

Step 3
  • Login to your Schema App Editor account.
  • Select “Integrations” from the menu. If you haven’t picked an integration yet, all the available integrations will be listed.
  • Find the WordPress tile, and click “Learn More”.
  • Click on the “About Schema App Advanced WordPress Plugin” drop-down.
  • Once the tab is open, click “here” to download the Advanced WordPress plugin.

To complete the installation, follow the remaining steps outlined in our Customer Support article here.

Advanced WordPress Plugin Instructions

Option 2: Work with a Schema App Partner

If you need help creating and deploying your schema markup, we have partners who would be happy to work with you. Learn more about the Partner Program..

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