Fireside Chat with Jason Lax & Martha van Berkel

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021, 1 pm EST.

Learn about the impact of structured data & the value of partnering with Schema App

In this data-centric Fireside Chat, SAP’s Jason Lax, SEO Marketing Director and Schema App customer, discusses how he measures the impact of structured data and the value of SAP’s partnership with Schema App.

Key Objectives:

  • SAP’s experience working with Schema App to drive online success through structured data.
  • How to measure the impact of your schema markup (and how you know it’s really working)
  • Where to start with structured data for a B2B SaaS company

Hosted by:

Martha van Berkel
CEO and CoFounder
Schema App


Jason Lax SAP

Jason Lax
SEO Marketing Director

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