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Schema Markup Checklist

A 7-point checklist to help you audit your markup

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Historically, many sites have implemented rudimentary Schema Markup solely to achieve rich results…

However, the rise of semantic SEO and generative AI now requires brands to leverage Schema Markup to build a content knowledge graph that supports search engines in understanding and contextualizing their web content.

In return, brands can prepare their content for AI search, enhance their visibility on the SERP, and drive more quality traffic to their site.

The Schema Markup Checklist is designed to assist marketers in assessing their current markup and understanding the quality of Schema Markup required to build a content knowledge graph for AI search.

This checklist is primarily intended for marketers who:

  • Want to implement Schema Markup not just for rich results but also for its semantic benefits
  • Have a basic understanding of the vocabulary
  • Have existing markup on their site

However, even if your website doesn’t currently have any markup, this checklist can still serve as a valuable resource to guide you through the implementation process and ensure your markup gets off to a strong start.

This checklist will help you:

  • Evaluate the current state of your Schema Markup
  • Identify areas in your Schema Markup in need of optimization
  • Discover best practices to implement semantic Schema Markup and build a content knowledge graph

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