SAP Achieves Unprecedented Organic Search Results with Schema App

As a global innovator, SAP wanted not only to drive up their traffic but to lead their market. The cloud software company knew that a digital content distribution strategy, rooted in machine understanding, would accelerate their success today and in the future.

SAP partnered with Acronym, a global search marketing agency, to build a leading-edge SEO strategy. Acronym teamed up with Schema App to implement one of the first-ever global structured data pilots on a B2B site. Schema App crafted a full structured data strategy and deployed markup to two sites: a community of users and product experts at and Digitalist Magazine, a home for SAP’s thought leadership in cloud, mobile and big data technologies.

The results were impressive — so impressive that Acronym and SAP won a 2019 Drum Award for unprecedented impressions and clicks driven by the implementation of structured data.

SAP is so thrilled with the results that they are now working with Schema App on a site-wide roll-out of structured data. To date, SAP domains are seeing, at the domain level, schema markup as a contributing factor to more than 400% net growth in rich result organic traffic.

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Our work with Schema App has delivered tangible results. In 2019 Schema App optimized more than 4 million pages over 7 websites, resulting in more than  400% net growth in rich results organic traffic.  Schema App makes schema markup easy.”

Kathy Visser-May
Vice President, Global Digital Marketing, SAP

2019 Drum Award Winners!

The Drum Awards

Awesome Results!

During the pilot, Schema App scaled markup to more than 3 million pages in two days (a very short period of time at an Enterprise company) with little to no IT effort.

SAP’s Answer center saw 160% growth in impressions and 150% growth in clicks for results with rich results. Schema markup and a content migration together contributed to the growth in the search results. graph

Digitalist Mag saw 41% growth in impressions and 28% growth in clicks for results with rich results. Structured data with Schema App has made for historic organic growth!

Digitalist Mag Graph Domain

SAP has since deployed markup to six of its web properties. In the three months leading up to December 9, 2019, SAP saw more than 400% growth in clicks from rich results from search engines to domain. 

Clicks to their rich results have increased 4.3 times. Domain Graph

Impressions to their rich results have increased 4.3 times. Domain Graph
Rich Results

SAP is now represented in FAQ and Questions and Answers in search results. These two features represent 67% of impressions for the SAP domain.

Searches for “What is ERP?” now show frequently asked questions off the SAP website in a FAQ Rich Result.

Searches for specific technical questions have a rich result showing popular threads from  

Why Schema App?

“We started our journey by testing competing solutions. We found Schema App’s solution to be the most mature, with the right tools to address the needs of any platform and template. Schema App’s team has been equally impressive. They excel in their domain knowledge, speed and transparency as well as their willingness to train, upskill our staff and support us throughout our journey.”

Alwin Zachariah
SAP Senior Director, Global SEO

Key Factors for Success

Adding Structured Data to a webpage can be tricky and time-consuming but not with the Schema App. The Schema App Highlighter was used to deploy customized markup across SAP’s Answer Center quickly by adding a single Javascript tag in Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM). The Schema App WordPress plugin was used to optimize the articles on

Partnership. Together with Acronym, SAP’s agency-of-record for SEO, we were able to quickly drill down on the key areas to target.

Expertise. SAP was looking for an authoring solution but also for guidance on strategy, maintenance and success metrics and training for their entire website. Schema App’s High Touch support and world leading expertise delivered on this requirement.

Speed and Ease of Implementation. With Schema App’s solutions, markup is deployed quickly and easily with Javascript, regardless of what a website is built on, without access to a website’s back-end and without hard-coding!

Tools. The Schema App Highlighter allowed us to deploy customized schema markup across SAP’s Answer center and in a sustainable and scalable way.

Schema App is at the forefront of schema markup strategy and implementation, providing enterprise solutions to some of the top clients across the world. To learn more about our structured data solutions and how we can help you reach your online business goals, contact our expert team. We’d love to hear from you and help you get started!

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