Schema App Tutorial: How to Optimize a Video for a Blog Post

This Tutorial shows you how to optimize a video on a page.

Go to the resources section of Schema App website.

Select Schema Paths.

Schema Paths will help you figure out if it is possible to connect two classes and determine how they connect (i.e. a video and a blog post).

Select two classes from the drop down menus and if paths are present, determine the path that makes the most sense from the options.

Go to Schema Apps and select the Structured Data Editor and search for blog posting.

Click blog posting and then click on the create button.

Enter in the name of the blog post that you want to optimize.

The URI is the key that is used to bring the JSON-LD and connect it with your website, google tag manager or WordPress Plugin.  Enter in the URL in this field.

Choose and fill in the appropriate fields and save changes.

Click on the link you created for Associated Media and go ahead and edit the field in order to optimize.

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