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What’s new in v0.2 of the Schema Apps WordPress Plugin?

In v0.2 of the WordPress Plugin we added a Meta box on the content editing page to:

  1. See what structured data is declared for the content
  2. Link Update (or Create) the resource in Schema App
  3. Link Test the page with Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Here’s how it looks in the editor:

Schema Apps WordPress Editor Meta Box

Schema Apps WordPress Editor Meta Box

Meta Box with JSON-LD

Meta Box with JSON-LD

Why you care?

This removes the guesswork when authoring content. You will know immediately know if anything is there and go into create the information with one click. Now you don’t have to wait until publishing to see if the plugin has any data available.

The link to the Google Structured Data Testing Tool is a second convenience so you can validate the results of your content.

How can you get it?

This is included in v0.2 release of the WordPress plugin. You get this as part of v0.2 or later release.

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