Tutorial: How to Markup a Product or Service


Hi it’s Martha from Schema App. In this brief tutorial, I’ll show you how to mark up a product using the Schema App editor.

If you’re in your home page the easiest way to do is just to click on product. This will then bring up your the cream product page if you want to name it something we’re going to name up the Schema App Boot Camp and the URI again is if there’s a page that’s subscribing it you want to specify that page URL so I’m going to go ahead and grab the full URL and enter it there. And then again you want to be able to pick sort of the most specific type of the products. You can see there’s an individual product, product, product model, some products, and vehicle from so in this case we’re going to just keep it as a product click OK.

Next the resource form will come up and this is again where we want to enter as much information as we can about the products to be able to describe what it is so in the top we’re going to go ahead and put in a description. I’m going to just pull directly off of what we already have on the web page to make it easy and cut and paste in there. The image again we have an image on the page so I’m going to copy the image address and enter that there. I’m also going to specify the URL again and pull that off the page and put it there. I’ve gone ahead and in the top kind of schema thing properties put in the description, a link to the image, the name, as well as the URL. I’m now going to scroll down and look at the product properties so the first thing if there’s generic color that makes sense or a gtin that you’d want to enter those. Again you can add multiple gtins if they’re specified differently. Again we can see what it says the gtin12 code of the product, or the product to which the offer refers and sort of composed by the UPC company prefix. You would go ahead and enter that if there’s a height, a brand, and award any of those those different things that describe your product. Again for ours it doesn’t really make sense for us to put in sort of a height since it’s a it’s a training class and so what we want to do now is create the offer. If i scroll down here and you’ll see offers and this is where there’s a little arrow down and so you’re going to have to create the offer so the Schema Boot Camp offer they might say like well why do i need an offer for the different for my product. This is actually where you’re going to specify price.

So again you can enter it create the instance there and we’re going to click on Save Changes. Well it says it needs pricing currency so once it saves I can actually go to the offer and I’m going to edit it and in the offer, now it’s going to ask me specifically for the price so let’s have a look here so the price here on our bootcamp you can see is $299 so I’ll go ahead and enter that. And the price currency so here our hard currency is in US dollars so I go ahead and so it’s probably USD. We can also scroll over price currency and says the currency in three letters ISO 4217 format. I’m going to guess it’s USD and we’ll see if it gives me an error. I’m going to go ahead and click Save. You can see that once this it saves it saying it’s the offer for Schema App Bootcamp and then Schema App Bootcamp is gonna give it to be here. If I go ahead and get the JSON-LD, go ahead and put that in my structured data testing tool. Get a clear screen here and I can just paste it directly in there and validate it and saying for my product I’m all good. Again that’s how you go ahead and mark up a product using Schema App.


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