Schema App Tutorial: Add Local Business Information to Homepage or Contact Page


This video covers how to use schema apps to mark up a local business.

Under organization we’re going to look to find the most specific option to describe a business. Create an instance and call it the name of your business. Once you’ve created your organizaton, go through all the properties and fill in what is relevant. You can add an image that is already on the internet.

Use the Same As field to put in your social media accounts so search engines know that those are owned by you.

Continue to fill out the properties that are relevant to your business in the next fields.The area served is the geographical area that the service provides. You can include multiple areas. You can also include your branch location number and brand if that is relevant.

It is recommended that you add a geo location for your business, which are the coordinates (longitude and latitude) for your location. Create a geo location on the properties page first and pick geo coordinates from the drop down menu. When you save the page, on the next page, edit the geo location. To get the geo coordinates, go to GPS Coordinates to get the longitude and latitude.

When this is complete, check your code with the Google Structured Data Testing tool for errors.





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