Schema App Tutorial: How to Add Hours To Your Local Business


This tutorial shows you how to add open hours to your local business.

Go to the editor report and select the local business property that you want to edit or add a new local business.

Edit the hours option. When it comes up, scroll down to opening hours. If you scroll over the opening hours, the tool will give you a guide.

You can specify the days by using the shorthand Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fi, Sa and Su. To specify the days you are open put a dash (-) between the day range, then a space and the times that you are open in 24 hour time.

For example, if you were open Monday to Friday from 9 to 5,  you would enter: Mo-Fi 9:00- 17:00.

After you save that, you can test the code by copying the JSON-LD and pasting it into the Structured Data Testing Tool.

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