Tutorial: How to Markup a Product or Service

Hi it’s Martha from Schema App. In this brief tutorial, I’ll show you how to mark up a product using the Schema App editor. If you’re in your home page the easiest way to do is just to click on product. This will then bring up your the cream product…
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Schema App Tutorial: Add Geo Location to Local Business

It’s recommended that you add a geo location, the latitude and longitude, to your markup for your local business. Create an instance for the geo location field, for example, Cutten Fields geo location. Specify that it is a geo location. When it’s saved, there should be a link where you can…
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Schema App Tutorial: Person Markup for About Page

This tutorial goes through how to mark up the information for a person on an ‘about’ page, for example. The ‘about’ page on our website talks about the founders, so we are going to add the person markup. Go to the schema app and click on home, and click on the…
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Clone Schema Resource Action

Today we released a new feature to make it easy to clone (duplicate) a resource in Schema App. If you’re working on a similar page, you can now use the gear icon to open the resource options menu. From there, choose ‘Clone Resource’. In the dialog box, you are prompted…
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How to Assign an Entity to Your Webpage URL

Step by Step Instructions using Schema App If you have added markup to Schema App, installed and activated the WordPress plugin,  but don’t see it appearing on your website. Follow these steps to ensure that you have assigned the entity to a URI (Web page). Go to https://app.schemaapp.com/dataitems (re-login if necessary)…
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