Schema Doctor: URL Healthcheck


Ok so you’ve just finished creating the markup for your homepage. Maybe you were following all the steps in the ultimate-guide to local business markup. Nice job, take a coffee break – you deserve it! When you come back, wouldn’t it be great to quickly check if your markup is being deployed to the right URL (one that exists)? You could go check each page manually, sure, but that would take a while. What you can do instead is use the new URL Health feature in the Schema App Toolset!

URL Health

Notice that all of the data items you’ve created are here. Now you can check if all the beautiful markup you’ve created is being deployed to the right place. Depending on how many pages you were about to go look up by hand… this new feature might have just saved you your afternoon.

Schema Analyzer

Take note of each URL status. It is either green, yellow, or red and depending it may have an HTTP Status Code. If you do need to fix one of your URLs we have included a nifty link to an easy to use reference database of HTTP Status Codes. Follow that link and you’ll be able to quickly discern what the issue is.


If you’re seeing a red warning with a question mark instead of a number then, we weren’t able to reach that URL destination and so it is undetermined.

Once you figure out what the issue is, if you need to update the URL you are deploying to, go to the data item in question, click on Actions>Update URI. Enter the new URL and you are good to go!

As a customer success manager at Schema App, Jeffrey Burns helps our users get the most out of our toolset and act as a customer advocate. Jeff studied philosophy at York University and he’s played sports his whole life. Most of his career has been in sales or customer success, which is great because he’s energized by people and enjoys solving problems.