Schema App Tutorial: Structured Data Analyzer


This Tutorial shows you the SchemaApp Structured Data Analyzer

Use the crawler to discover JSON-LD and micro-data on a website.

You can use the data you have crawled for competitive research, to understand the coverage you have on a website and to integrate with google analytics.

1. Go to

2. Click on the crawl menu on the left

3. Under ‘Create a Crawl’ enter in the website you want to crawl.

4. Click the Crawl button

Depending on the size of the website it could take anywhere between an hour and several hours to complete the crawl.

5. Refresh the page to see the data

6. Click the View button to see the results

The Schema Analyzer Overview page will give you information about what classes appear, how many classes exist and how many pages are in that domain.

You will also find information about how long the crawl took and what information it found on this page.

Clicking the Download button allows you to download this information into a file. This file can be uploaded into Google Analytics to provide you additional business intelligence.

The intent of the new crawler is to enable you to have better visibility, discover how your competitors are doing, see how your clients are doing and how much structured data they have added to their sites.

Mark van Berkel is the co-founder and COO of Hunch Manifest and the creator of Schema App.  He is an expert in Semantic Technology and Semantic Search Marketing. Mark built Schema App to solve his own challenges in writing and validating schema markup.