Move Data Items Between Sub-Accounts


Doh! Have you ever been joyfully creating schema markup, when you suddenly realize that you created the data items in the wrong sub-account?  We have. So now you can move data items between sub-accounts. So you can create your data anywhere, and move it later.

Here’s how it works.  After you have created a data item in Schema App. Save your work. Then click on Actions>Move to Account.


Actions>Move to Account

Actions>Move to Account

Select the account you want to move the data item to.  Click Submit. The data item will now be available in the new Sub Account.

The data item will now be available in the new Sub Account

Dependent data items will also be moved.

Note: When you move the data items to the new sub-account. Make sure that you also update the Account ID for the website so that the data items deploy appropriately.

Martha is the CEO and co-founder of Schema App. She is an active member of the search engine optimization community, and the work that she does through Schema App is helping brands from all over the world improve their organic search performance.