Convert URL to ImageObject in Schema App to reduce Google Errors


In February, you may have started to notice that Google wants Images as part of their Local Business Markup. In addition, they don’t just want an image URL, but an ImageObject in the schema markup. Even though the Google recommendations state that a URL is fine, they want to know the height and width of the objects. To make this easy for Schema App users, we’ve created a tool that auto converts your URLs to ImageObjects and discovers and adds the height and width automatically. Why did we do this? Because we love making things easier for our users through automation.

Go into Schema App under Tools>Image Repair  There are two different tasks you can do here.

If the image is already an imageObject but does not have the size set (height and width), you can click on set sizes to add the height and width automatically.Image Object Repair


If the image is only a URL, you can choose to make it an image object with height and width set by clicking on setup image and Schema App will do it for you. Image URLs Not Defined as ImageObject

Martha is the CEO and co-founder of Schema App. She is an active member of the search engine optimization community, and the work that she does through Schema App is helping brands from all over the world improve their organic search performance.