Reporting and Analytics

Training Objective

It’s time to measure the impact of the markup. Match your SEO success to your schema markup efforts using the Schema Markup Trend Report together with Google Analytics. Set up an “Enhanced Analytics – Core” report to understand your visitor behavior in more depth.

Schema Markup Trend Report

Use the Schema Markup Trend report to track your schema markup journey. Match your efforts against the results you capture in Google Search Console.

Getting Started

  1. Set your URL home page (if not already set up)
  2. Log into Schema App and choose “Trend Report” from the left navigation bar.
  3. Set up your preferences by clicking on “Crawl Settings”

NOTE: After set up, it takes about half an hour for Schema App to schedule the crawl.  Every  500 pages will take approximately 1 hour to crawl.

Google Search Console

Compare site-wide performance to performance of pages that contain rich results and learn how to measure results using:
  • Query Filter

  • Rich Result Filter

  • Page Filter

  • Date Filter

Enhanced Analytics – Core

Now you can better understand your visitor behaviour, by pulling any of the properties you’ve marked up, into your Google Analytics.
Google Analytics allows you to track and report website traffic at the URL level.  Schema App’s Enhanced Analytics reports allow you to dive deeper and learn about your traffic at a more granular level. Imagine being able to understand which elements on a page are generating the most interest!  By adding your schema entities into Google Analytics, you can get more information out of your site and understand your visitor behaviour in greater depth. The opportunities are endless!

To learn how to set up your report click here.

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