Highlighter – Lesson 1- Select and Name

Training Objective

Select a page, the most appropriate class and a reference name.

How it works
  1. Select the page templates you want to mark up.
  2. Load a chosen page and select the appropriate schema class.
  3. Map each of the elements on the page to the schema markup properties.
  4. Define the pattern for each template.
  5. Review and deploy.
What you’ll love
  • Optimize template pages with no coding.
  • Create “connected” markup at scale.
  • Contains the entire schema.org vocabulary + extensions (e.g. health, automotive, finance, etc.).
  • Can be visible to all search engines and assistants.
  • You can control where your markup resides.

Watch an overview of the Highlighter here:

1. Open the Schema App Highlighter and click New Template

2. Paste in the URL for the first page & choose a class

Ready to for Highlighter Lesson 2 – Tag First Page?