Troubleshooting Schema Markup Deployment from Schema App


So you’ve created your markup in Schema App and are now ready to sit back and drink a coffee and let Schema App automatically deploy the markup to your site. But wait, when you test it in the Structured Data Testing Tool, you aren’t seeing any markup?

Why? Let’s find out. Here are some troubleshooting tips to figure out why the markup is not deploying.

Is your URI setup correctly?

Make sure that the URI you have set for your data item (page) is correct. Go to Schema App>Data Items and click on the data item you are working on. Check to see if the URI is correct at the bottom left-hand side of the page.  You would also see the URI in the list in your data items. If they are in the “undeployed” list, this is probably your problem.

If you discover that the URI is incorrect. Open the data item for the page your are troubleshooting, click on Actions>Change URI.

Using Schema App Structured Data WordPress Plugin

Make sure that you have configured your Account ID properly. Your account ID can be found in Schema App under the Integrations>Wordpress menu. If you are working on a sub-account, select the sub account and then navigate to the WordPress configuration page.

Try Clearing your Cache

Do you have caching enabled on your WordPress website? If so, clear your cache and test again.

Code shows up after 24 hours

So you waited patiently and now the schema markup is showing up on your WordPress site, 24 hours later. Check to make sure you are on the latest release of the Schema App WordPress plugin. In version 1.5, there was a delay in deployment, that was fixed in the subsequent release.

Google Tag Manager Deployments

After you check to make sure you have the correct Javasript in your tag from your Integrations>Javascript>Google Tag Manager Menu in Schema App, double check that you have published your tag to the appropriate pages.  One way we troubleshoot to see if it is published, is by searching the source code for Hunch (Schema App’s parent company name). If Hunch is there, it is likely published. If it’s missing, that’s your problem.

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