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By adding your schema entities into Google Analytics, you can get more information out of your site and understand your visitor behaviour in more depth. You can import the details of how you describe your content with schema markup into your analytics. With Google Analytics, you get a URL and the associated traffic; with Semantic Analytics you have details about that URL that you can then use to see trends. It enables you to see what author in your blog gets the most traffic, or which product drives the most traffic to your site. The opportunities are endless!

Your website is the focal point of your digital presence and is chock-full of information that can help you to make informed decisions regarding strategy and marketing spend. BUT can you unlock your data and drill down to the details you need to make informed choices that drive success?

Double Down On The Value You Derive From Schema Markup by Incorporating Schema.org Properties Into Your Analytics

What does it look like?

What blog author gets the most traffic?

Analytics Screenshot

What blog category gets the most page views?

Analytics Graph by Category

Enhanced Analytics - Core

Dig down below the product level to understand which characteristics get the most clicks or find out which Blog author retains the attention of your viewers. Determine if aggregate rating value impacts conversions, or if a product feature results in a longer page view.

Four out-of-the-box queries that capture properties associated with the following Schema.org Classes:

Enhanced Analytics - Custom

If you’ve marked it up on your website, you can report on it. 

There are more than 840 schema.org Classes and greater than 20 properties per class in the schema.org vocabulary.  Enhanced Analytics Custom reports allow you to add any of the 840 classes and any of its properties into Google Analytics resulting in deep business insights on your content.

Our advanced solutions can integrate with any website

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