The (new) Schema App Homepage

The Schema App team is constantly looking to innovate our product in order to support our customers in their quest for world domination Schema Markup Excellence!

We are thrilled to inform you that Schema App has updated our application homepage. Starting now the first page you encounter will provide you with a Projects based top-level view of your activity and help you jump into the action faster.  This change was suggested by one of our customers, and we thought the rest of you would also love it. 

Your Projects list is now the first thing you’ll see in Schema App. You don’t have to navigate to another page to see top-level project information. Quickly see which projects are started and get working right away. See what domains are associated with your projects and manage deployment. We hope the outcome will give help you be more efficient, and help you get to the work you want to get started in less clicks.

At a glance, you can see the top-level measurement of your activity within the app. We call out the properties, data items, integrated web pages, and domains that you’ve created for work for.

With this new dashboard:

  • Users are able to quickly launch new projects. Simply give your project a name and click the green Create Project button.
  • Connect your project with the domain you’re doing work for. Click on the site association button, select the website type, and provide the website URL.
  • Quickly launch into the editor for any project. Simply click the +Create button and get started! Don’t worry about switching between sub-accounts.


Tutorials, Videos and Support Links

Don’t worry, the help center hasn’t gone anywhere. You can still quickly find our tutorial section, launch our videos, and contact support.

We will still keep you up to date on the cutting edge of schema markup. Just look along the left sidebar for your recent news.

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