Supporting Schema v3 and Extensions

In May 2016 the community published v3.0, its second major release in the past year. Schema v3 version adds many new data types and properties while formally introducing hosted extensions.  Two new extensions, and are published along side the Medical Vocabulary which was moved into the repository. With the move, several issues were identified and fixed within the month of May. As the dust settled we began to investigate the release.

Here are some of the key v3 changes: Extensions

Most websites will use the core version so there is normally no need to change the version. However, as the community has grown several official hosted extensions have emerged that add more detailed descriptive vocabulary building on the core. For these special circumstances you can now choose the operating version for each (sub-)account. Changing the schema version changes the available data types and properties in the Editor.

How to change Schema version in Schema App

To change your version, in Schema App find the Settings from the top right menu on your name, and pick the Schema Version Tab. Here is a direct link.

Switching Schema Versions

Switching Schema Versions

Here are the versions you can choose from in Schema App:

Demo on how to change Schema version

Health & Life Science Extension

The Health and Life Science extension up to v2.2 was part of the core vocabulary. In version 3 onward, the large group of Medical terms were moved into its own extension. If you’ve never seen this area of before, you will be impressed by the depth of data types (99), properties (175) and enumeration values (149). More info


Auto Extension

The Schema Automotive extension includes 20 new automotive properties as well as several types and enumerations. If you’re looking to get hyper-specific with your automotive product schema markup then you can quickly do so. More info


Bibliographic Extension

The bibliographic extension is a hosted extension that goes deeper CreativeWork area. Using this extension you can apply markup for Newspaper, Thesis, Audiobook along with Comics and related properties.  More info



FIBO Extension

The Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) is a business conceptual ontology developed by the members of the EDM Council. In v3 some FIBO terms were added to schema v3 while the remainder of the FIBO schema extension v1 is stable yet in pre-release status. Expect to see the extension formally adopted soon.  You can learn more from FIBO Schema and EDM Council.

Some examples of classes and properties include:


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