for every WordPress Page and Post

What it is

In our most recent release of the WordPress plugin for Schema Apps, we added default structured data for all Page and Posts. Utilizing built in WordPress data, we can declare some basic information.

A Page is mapped to with its headline, date published, short description along with a few more properties.

A Post is mapped to type with images, about (based on its Category) along with similar properties as the Article.

Blog Posting Data

Blog Posting Data

The plugin is integrated with your definitions in Schema App. When you use the Schema App Editor to specify markup for a page that is used. Otherwise the plugin will include the default information as mentioned above.

Why you care

The structured data provides the search engines with data in a vocabulary they understand to better categorize your content. This categorization means search engines can better match user queries for relevant terms and disambiguates your content for irrelevant search query terms. This will rapidly improve your structured data SEO. If you’ve got a lot of web pages and just haven’t got around to adding structured data yet, then this is great, albeit temporary measure to provide something until you do markup your content.

How to get it

This is included in v0.3 release of the Schema Apps plugin. You can access it after registering for Schema Apps.

  1. Register for Schema Apps
  2. Install the WordPress plugin version 0.3 or later, instructions in the application on the wordpress plugin page
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