Schema Markup News September 2019


Happy September! We’ve been busy staying on top of news, changes, and capabilities in the world of schema markup and building our new Schema App Editor. This newsletter captures some resources to help you measure the value of your structured data, articulate the possible value to the business, learn about what is coming down the pipeline at Schema App, and interesting schema markup news from community experts.

Measuring the Impact of Schema Markup

It is hard to show how structured data impacts performance. Our Customer Success Team has updated our “How Do you Know It’s Working” blog to capture the different ways you can measure success in Google Search Console. Follow the steps to set up the reports to demonstrate the ROI of your structured data.

New Training Resource

16 Benefits of Structured Data today and in the Future (Video + Blog)

Every day we get asked why Structured Data is important for search. In addition to being an SEO booster, done properly, schema markup can inform business insights, and “future proof” your content for new machine consumers. This comprehensive webinar recording (and blog) can be used to aid you in promoting a Structured Data project or will re-assure you that embarking on a Structure Data project was the right thing to do if you already added schema markup across your site.

What’s new with Schema App?

  • *NEW* Schema App Editor – Coming Soon! Our new Schema App Editor will load pages before you can say snap, and take you less clicks to create your connected schema markup. Speaking of connected markup, we’ve made the tool easier to create connected data items! Connected schema markup increases the search engine’s understanding of your content so they can match your content more easily with searches. To top it all off, we have a new look and feel. You’ll find it cleaner and easier to navigate.
  • *NEW* Schema App Drupal 8 Plugin. The Schema App Drupal module provides local caching for markup generated using Schema App. The application requires an active Schema App subscription and will utilize a Schema App project within your account. Available now for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.
  • Schema App Analyzer (aka Health Reports). Our Schema App Analyzer crawls any site and extracts the schema markup to compare it against Google required and recommended fields. It allows you to see the wholistic health of your schema markup. We’ve updated the tool to be more efficient and also to power our Enhanced Analytics.
  • Big Commerce Plugin – coverage expanded. The Big Commerce Plugin has been expanded to cover groups and collections of products and blogs. Our plugins provide automated out-of-the-box schema markup for products (variations included), blogs and more.
  • Schema App Highlighter.The Schema App Highlighter optimizes pages at scale by highlighting elements on a page example and then deploying schema markup code across the page set. The latest release allows you to highlight even more specific content using custom x-paths, expose hidden content in tabs, and much more.

What I am reading/listening to!?

  • Augmented Search Queries Using Knowledge Graph Information– Bill Slawski does a brilliant job summarizing a new Google patent where they use structured and unstructured data to show related information. This is why creating connected schema markup is SO important. It is a complex read, but interesting. If you want to know where search is heading and why data in knowledge graphs is so powerful, read this.
  • How to Leverage FAQ Schema to Drive Traffic to Multiple Pages on your Site – Lily Ray of Path Interactive does a great job sharing her experiments with FAQ Schema Markup.
  • Two new Podcast episodes!  I had fun exploring ideas with Dawn Anderson on the topic of AI and Search, as well as with Arnout Hellemans on “Discoverability”.  Listen to the quick 15 minute conversations to hear their ideas on the technology and strategies these experts are using!

Did I spark any questions or ideas? Let me know by hitting reply and engaging!

Happy Schema’ing!

Martha van Berkel
CEO, Schema App

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