Schema Markup News Sep 18th, 2018


Enhancing content visibility in search

The language of search engines is the connective tissue between our brand and search today, and virtual reality tomorrow. It allows the marketer to further explain what a webpage or image is about and inform an enhanced experience to searchers.


Bing Expands Capabilities: Visual Search, Education, American Sign Language & more

Bing is excited to announce several new features this September i.e. Math Solver, Text Transcription, Search Faster Using Images, Bing Education Carousel, American Sign Language (ASL) & Intelligent Answers for NFL.



The JSON-LD WG started out by establishing a set of guiding principles. These principles do not constrain decisions, but provide a set of core aims and established consensus to reference during difficult discussions.

Auditing Metadata Serialized in JSON-LD

This discussion will focus on metadata that’s serialized in the JSON-LD format. One nice thing about JSON-LD is that it separates the metadata from other code, making it easier to locate.

How to add HowTo Schema to your how-to article

You might know that structured data in the form of can do wonders for your search results. It also forms the basis for an ever-increasing amount of new and exciting developments on the search engine front.

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