Schema Markup News Oct 2nd, 2018

We’ve curated some of the big news surrounding Schema markup for the week to help you stay on top of changes and news:

How Rich Results May be Chosen and Created

The patent tells us the motivation for such results, in this way: Users of search engines are often looking for information about a specific entity, for example a book, rather than a listing of individual resources.


Building Google Dataset Search and Fostering an Open Data Ecosystem

The decision to rely on open standards (, W3C DCAT, JSON-LD, etc.) for markup is intentional, as Dataset Search can only be as good as the open-data ecosystem that it supports.


An SEO’s Guide to Writing Structured Data (JSON-LD)

While there are a couple of different ways you can mark up on-page content, this guide will focus on the format Google prefers; JSON-LD.


Convert unstructured data to structured data with machine learning

Compute power has become cheap, said Kesher, enabling organizations to more easily and cost-effectively power the algorithms needed to turn unstructured data into structured data.


Google adds event markup to rich results status report in Google Search Console

Google has added support for event markup debugging to the rich results report within Google Search Console.


Epic #SEOisAEO series: More than you thought you needed to know about Schema Markup

We are looking at understanding – the need to communicate with Google in a language that it can easily understand and digest. And that is Schema Markup.

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