Schema Markup News Nov 20th, 2018


We’ve curated some of the big news surrounding Schema markup for the week to help you stay on top of changes and news:

The future of paid voice search: How voice could be monetised markup is often cited as key to optimizing for voice search, and a type of schema was recently introduced, called “Speakable schema”, which is designed to allow website owners to mark up sections of their website that are particularly suitable for being read aloud by a voice assistant.


SEO Secret: Making Schema Markup Work For You

Schema markup is a tool that allows you to help search engines make sense of vital information in a way that’s authentically relevant to potential customers.


An introduction to markup for voice

Speakable schema allows developers, marketers and SEOs to directly mark up the parts of a piece of content that are most suitable for being spoken aloud via a voice assistant, using text-to-speech playback.


Google to Let Users Leave Comments on Search Results

Google’s official help page states, “You can leave comments on things you’ve searched for on Google.”

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