Schema Markup News Mar 20th, 2018

We’ve curated some of the big news surrounding Schema markup for the week to help you stay on top of changes and news: integration with Check

The Check team is pleased to announce that we now integrate with’s ClaimReview schema to extract structured data from articles added to Check.


Bing Search Results Now Showing JSON-LD Support

Well, now if you look at some of the Bing search results and see the markup, some of those results are powered off of JSON-LD and not the Microdata or RDFa formats.


Mobile-First Indexing: Understanding Entities and Intent By Cindy Krum


Bing has confirmed support for JSON-LD formatted markup

Bing has confirmed that it is actively building out verification tools within its Webmaster Tools set to enable verification of structured data markup that is in JSON-LD format


Successful SEO Using Markup & Structured Data By Alexis Sanders


Crowdsourcing tracking of JSON-LD support by Bing and Yandex: Open for all

Since Bing announced “support” for JSON-LD via spokespeople there’s been a rush to uncover JSON-LD-only powered rich snippets in Bing.


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