Schema Markup News for January 2020


It’s January, the start of a new year and what I believe may be THE year of Schema Markup! Never before have we seen Google, and SEOs more excited about the language of search engines –

This year at Schema App we are doubling down on training and education. We’ve had a great start with two webinars in January, and there will be more! Details on how to watch our webinars are included below. If there is a webinar or area of schema markup you want us to focus on, just let us know!

As usual below you will see information about schema markup news, training from Schema App, a podcast that shares my story to SEO and more!

Happy schema’ing!

Martha van Berkel
CEO, Schema App


Featured Snippet Position and Ranking

Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed that web pages in a featured snippet position will no longer be repeated in regular organic listings. I find this really interesting as the featured snippet could override your rich result. More data and research is being done to gauge the impact globally. Read more in the SearchEngineJournal article. Sunset Date

As of April 6, 2020, markup will no longer be eligible for Google rich result features, so it’s a good think thing you’ve decided to place your bets on!

Rich Results Test

Google upgraded the Rich Results Test (in Beta) to include unloadable embedded resources. The test provides a view of potential rich results for your content. Note that in order to qualify for rich results, the content needs to be eligible for rich results and marked up with schema markup.

New Training – Authoring Fundamentals

A new, 20-minute training, geared towards “Authoring” – the process of mapping schema markup to your web content has been posted on on our website > Resources > Training.

  • Chalked full of tips and tricks, learn:
  • About commonly used terms
  • How to choose a type
  • How to navigating
  • How to create connected schema markup
  • About the Schema App design principles

Webinar: Schema Markup – A Pivotal SEO Strategy for 2020

Martha teamed up with Samantha Pena, SEO Success Lead at Conductor to host a webinar last week. Value to you:
1. See how organizations like yours leverage schema markup to be found in search and future proof
2. Pinpoint content to optimize with schema markup
3. Understand the search strategies that will prepare you for 2020 and beyond
Webinar – Schema Markup for the Health Industry

We are thrilled to have been joined by Simon Yohe, Director of Web Marketing Strategy at AdventHealth to discuss how the health industry can use schema markup to stand out in organic search, be understood by search engines and, ultimately, connect patients with information and service. To learn more, listen to the recording of our health webinar.

Structured Data has been taking off!

Structured data is being positioned as a “must do” for 2020. Here are some recent articles to validate that point:

  1. Barry Schwartz. Search Engine Land 5 Tips and Trends from Google Webmaster Conference
  2. Danny Goodwin. Executive Editor Search Engine Journal 10 Important 2020 SEO Trends You Need to Know
  3. Stephanie Newton. Bright Local The Future of Local Search: 20+ Predictions for 2020
  4. Neil Patel. Content Marketing is Changing – This is Where it is Heading in 2020

Page 2 Podcast Features Martha!

Page 2 Podcast tells the real stories about the world’s best SEO’s. Listen here as Martha shares her background in mathematics and engineering (she also attended the MIT Sloan School of Management). She also discusses how she spent almost 14 years at Cisco and the circumstances that led her to venture out on her own to eventually form Schema App with her husband, Mark.
Also discussed in this podcast is Google’s most recent broad core algorithm updates, thoughts about how the industry reacts to algo updates, how brands can use structured data, as well as some of the challenges SEOs face with schema markup and getting it implemented.

Schema App in TOP Ignite 100 List!

San Diego-based digital marketing agency, Ignite Visibility recently unveiled its first annual Ignite 100 list, highlighting the top digital marketing software on the market and we were on the list! The company called on the public to submit their favourite software for consideration over a two-month period. Winners were chosen based on the number of votes received, coupled with expert input from a team of marketing specialists.

Tip of the Month

Focus on deep, rich content and then to present yourself as the authority in a certain topic by using schema markup. Some ideas:

  • Choose the most specific type.
  • ​On your About Page” – add “Specialty” markup. Add a disambiguatingDescription property to further define your value and consider linking to Wikipedia or Wikidata.
  • Person” schema – add credentials, expertise and awards
  • Services” – Add ratings & reviews & link to Wikipedia or Wikidata
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