Schema Markup News for April 2020

Greetings from my basement where we started Schema App back in 2015! Like you, we are slowly getting used to our new normal including homeschooling, visits from kids on conference calls, longer hair, and running Schema App team virtually.

During this time of COVID, we’ve built resources to help you adopt the new features for SpecialAnnouncement and offer our support to you and others apply it to your site. We’ve helped several hospital networks now, and will continue to offer this support as our way of giving back.

This newsletter is filled with relevant and current information about schema markup,  our FAQ webinar, updates from Google, and some articles about Semantics and Ontologies to stretch your brain!

Enjoy and stay well!

Martha van Berkel
CEO, Schema App


Upcoming Webinar – FAQ Markup

Webinar Date: Thursday, April 30th, 2-3 pm EST – Register today!

Adding FAQ markup to your website can improve visibility in search, may decrease support costs and increases your chances of getting featured snippets, which in turn, increases the potential to be featured on voice search.

Join Martha and Jeffrey Burns (Schema App Customer Success Team Lead), who will talk about:

  • Structured data and how it drives business results
  • The opportunity for FAQ web pages
  • The qualifying requirements
  • How to apply FAQ markup to your business.
    • Basic Examples
    • Advanced Examples
  • ​How eCommerce, Technology and Healthcare industries have benefited from FAQ markup

New Training and Resources

Find all training materials in the Resources section of our website.

Online Events

Martha participates in interview with Steve Blank, Debbie Gamble (Interact Corp), Ian Mcdonald (Communitech) to discuss the Impact of COVID-19 on the Tech Community. Watch it here. 

Join Martha and other local marketing experts at LocalU Advanced Marketing Seminar June 3rd (Virtual).  Get $25 off a ticket with the promo code SCHEMAAPP25.

Catch up here on any podcasts you may have missed!

Recommended Reading

How to Use Structured Data to Support E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) by SearchEngineJournal.

Semantic Ontology: The Basics – Learn more about how the way Google and Schema App store information in an Ontology can be of value to you and your business by Semantic Arts.

Tip of the Month

Choose the type/class that best describes the page you are marking up. There should be only one primary type per page, although a second complimentary type is good in some cases, also known as a multi-type Entity.

Multi-type entities might include a page about a Service that is also a Product, or a SingleFamilyResidence that is also a Product.

All other content that you want to mark up on the page should be set up as a nested data item below the primary type. Structuring your markup in this way provides clarity to the search engines regarding the primary topic of your page.  If you have a lot of content on a page and you aren’t sure how to label it, consider using the CollectionPage type and then nesting the other types below that using properties like subjectOf and hasPart.

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