Schema Markup News Feb 6th, 2018

We’ve curated some of the big news surrounding Schema markup for the week to help you stay on top of changes and news:

How Google May Determine Similar Local Entities

Google’s Local Search is more semantic-based than their organic search; where businesses are often referred to as “local entities,” like in a patent that was granted to Google on January 2 of 2018.


Technical SEO in the age of semantic search and Google

Contributor Ryan Shelley explains that technical SEO is more important than ever — but for long-term ranking success, understanding how Google processes data is key.


Google Releases an SEO Tool that Measures 10 SEO Metrics

Google’s Webmaster Central announced an SEO Audit category to their Chrome Lighthouse developers extension. It’s worth a look because if some of the factors the plugin measures correlate to actual ranking factors, then it may be worthwhile to add this to your SEO toolbox.


Google Clarifies How Much Structured Data is Enough

There are multiple ways to use markup to communicate information about brick and mortar businesses and their locations. As long as they validate and contain all the information that Google currently uses then it’s fine. And if you exceed what Google uses, that’s fine, too.


How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search According to Google

Google’s John Mueller recently gave tips on optimizing content for voice search in a Webmaster Central Hangout on YouTube Live.


Make your job postings findable with Google Search

Google Search can substantially increase the discoverability of your job postings – but only if the Google web crawler can access them.

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