Schema Markup News Feb 27th, 2018

Multifaceted featured snippets begin rolling out in Google search results

Google updates the search results features with an expanded featured snippet targeting broad, nuanced queries. Multifaceted featured snippets will be surfaced for queries that are sufficiently broad enough to allow for more than one interpretation of what was submitted.

What 3,000 voice search queries tell us about the ‘Voice Search Revolution’

You may have heard a voice search revolution is upon us. It seems a new article pops up every day saying marketers need to drop everything and get in line.

Voice Search: Why You Need To Listen To Google On This One!

This is why your business should not get left out. No, not in developing voice technology, but in being discovered by means of voice technology.

Voice Search: Why You Need To Listen To Google On This One

Google: Structured Data Should Be Unique to Each Page

Google’s John Mueller says to avoid copying the same structured data onto multiple pages of a website. If a page needs to contain structured data at all, then it should be unique to that specific page.

Google: Structured Data Should Be Unique to Each Page

Google: Schema & Structured Data Is Here For The Long Run

If you follow this site, you will see there is a theme with Google – that theme is that they keep investing more and more into schema and markup. They keep adding more support for it and they keep encouraging webmasters and publishers to add it to their web sites.

Google gears up for voice search battle

Google is rolling out a new format for its “featured snippets” that will try to answer multiple different interpretations of a vague search query. Featured snippets are important because they often contain the information that Google pulls when you ask its voice assistant a question.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai takes the stage during the presentation of new Google hardware in San Francisco on Oct. 4, 2016.

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