Schema Markup News Feb 26th, 2019


We’ve curated some of the big news surrounding Schema markup for the week to help you stay on top of changes and news:

Content structure and structured data: Will they impact featured snippets?

Google’s John Mueller said there is no particular markup that he is aware of used to generate Featured Snippets. But clear content structure, like using a table, helps a lot.


Telling Stories with an RDF Database

RDF database is not only a smarter way to integrate your data, but also a means to coherently connect and cross-reference content.


Why Is JSON-LD Important To Businesses?

JSON-LD implements linked data standards within the JSON format, so it’s possible to link to the vast world of data with those standards — whether in knowledge graphs with linked enterprise data or on the web with linked open data.


New Google Featured Snippets Combine Content From Multiple Publishers

Google is now displaying featured snippets that pull content from multiple publishers and combine it into one result.


Optimizing content for voice search and virtual assistants for a competitive edge

Gautam explained that Google’s ASR is structured as a three-part process comprised of sound signal processing which converts speech into mathematical data; speech modeling which determines the meaning of the utterance; and delivery of relevant search results back to the voice assistant.


How the increasing popularity of voice search is helping redefine SEO in 2019

We also found that 22% of voice search users are using it to find local business information every day, so in 2019 voice search is bringing huge opportunities for smaller businesses who in the past would have little chance of appearing in page one on Google.

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