Schema Markup News Feb 20th, 2018


We’ve curated some of the big news surrounding Schema markup for the week to help you stay on top of changes and news:

Related Entity Scores in Knowledge-Based Searches

This is a semantic search that goes beyond understanding synonyms and semantically related words, to knowing some properties about the things involved in a search (remember, the Google Knowledge Graph is about “Things, and not Strings”, so it goes beyond just matching keywords from a query to the same (or related) keywords on a document.


Here’s how Google is thinking about surfacing paywalled news organizations in search

Most relevant for the increasing number of news publishers focusing on getting readers to pay for subscriptions is how Google intends to treat publishers with paywalls.


What’s Inside the Google Search Console Update

The end result is a three-panel dashboard that shifts the emphasis away from technical diagnostic usage and towards easier search traffic analysis.


Google Tests Multiple Images In Featured Snippets?

Google showing not just a single featured snippet image but multiple images in the featured snippet. 


Publishers warm to Google, but still worry about getting crowded out in search results


Publishers should focus on making content that’s great, current and in a good user experience, rather than try to optimize to every change Google makes, said another, Neil Vogel, CEO of Dotdash, parent of SEO-driven sites like Verywell and The Balance.


Aaron Bradley – The Search Community Honors You

If anyone mentions the name Aaron Bradley to another SEO, you immediately think schema, markup, structured data, rich snippets and all that jazz.


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