Schema Markup News Dec 18th, 2018


We’ve curated some of the big news surrounding Schema markup for the week to help you stay on top of changes and news: Structured data the What, Why, & How


The Future of Data is Connected and Open Minded

Semantics may go a long way, and much of the progress and impact of Knowledge Graphs is based on this. Metadata and Data Governance can directly benefit, which is very important for regulatory compliance and beyond.


12 Tips to Help You Thrive in Voice, Visual & Vertical Search

As technology’s major players embed their products in our homes, cars, and offices, it is through voice, visual and vertical search that brands will be connected to their audience.


Strange Behaviors in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

Multiple Product Markup On Page.



The Google SERP is jam-packed with features that not only aid in keyword list creation but can help you better understand the topics your unique search landscape is structured around.


Enable Search result features for your site

Google Search results include many types of display features. How they look changes over time, and the same result can be displayed differently depending on whether you’re seeing it on a desktop computer or a phone, what country you are in, or many other factors.

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