Schema Markup News Aug 7th, 2018

We’ve curated some of the big news surrounding Schema markup for the week to help you stay on top of changes and news:

The Future of Schema Markup With Martha Van Berkel of CEO of Schema App


Google to add FAQ, Q&A and How-To Verticals, which will probably be fueled by structured data

For FAQs and Q&A its conceivable that Google will extract these from web content without reference to structured data, as they do currently with featured snippets (although, of course, structured data would provide publishers to provide more precise data to Google for use in these verticals).



Google is About to Make Your Content More Accessible on Voice Search

Google has come up with a credible solution that could shape the future of voice SEO – a BETA feature called Speakable.

A smart snippet is a bit of JSON (and common web standard for data interchange) that uses tags

Communication can only take place when a common language exists.


The Semantic Web Comes of Age

Various organizations have built schemas around these, but because this information is so frequently accessed, Microsoft and Google (along with Russian search engine Yandex) came together in 2011 to establish a website called


Google Expands Featured Snippet

Google appears to have expanded its Featured Snippets to include Google Suggest navigational buttons.


4 Strategies to Drive More Calls and Customers from Voice Search

And when consumers search for local businesses with their voices, they usually engage with those businesses in the same way: studies show that 28% of people who perform a local voice search go on to call the business.

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