Editor Property Definition Tooltips

Today we improved our Editor by adding property definitions in a tooltip interface. As I do schema.org structured data markup for content I often find myself going back to the Schema.org definitions to check meanings or expected value formatting. As a shortcut, we’ve made the definitions easier to find, helping the user understand the schema.org model without having to leave the editor.

As you look at the properties, in either view or edit mode, a tooltip pops up immediately when you hover over a property name. In the example below I’ve hovered over mainEntityOfPage property to get the popup box. Small features like the link to the definition is available in the title of the box, and the same definition in schema.org is parsed as HTML so you can follow links to more resources.

Property Definitions

Editor Property Definition Popup


While we had a title attribute before that showed the description, it wasn’t apparent because you had to hover for a couple seconds before it would appear. Now, more users will find the tips and the new formatting allows them to follow links.

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