Beta Update September 24


In the last two weeks we added a few features and made some fixes.

Schema App Solution;

  • Added export to Microdata template.
  • We made a fix to include the URI of the resource as the “@id” property by default.
  • An improvement was made to the WordPress plugin design; lookups for structured data are cached now. This improves responsiveness of both editing and lookups.

Added two new publicly available tools:

  • If you wonder how two classes might relate to one another, you can now find the properties that connect two classes
  • Using the whole v2.1 (Codename sdo-ganymede) release, you can create the markup of any class with all its relevant property using a web form. As of writing, I added it this morning and will be the first to acknowledge the UX can be improved to help the user. However, it is the only one the web

In the next sprints we will improve integration with WordPress and support specific user scenarios (e.g. Rich Snippets).

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