How to Assign an Entity to Your Webpage URL

Step by Step Instructions using Schema App

If you have added markup to Schema App, installed and activated the WordPress plugin,  but don’t see it appearing on your website. Follow these steps to ensure that you have assigned the entity to a URI (Web page).

  1. Go to (re-login if necessary)
  2. Here you will find the Entity List

3. Click on an Entity you want to assign to a webpage.

4. Navigate to and click on “Actions” at the bottom of the page and selecting change URI.

5. Click to select “Change URI”


6. Add the URI (URL) of the webpage you want to assign this entity to. The URI should start with “http://” Click on Submit.


Done! If you are using the WordPress Plugin, this Entity should now appear on the WordPress page.

Check your Entity Report to verify that the entity now appears under your desired Domain.

Note: A trailing slash character is used often by WordPress, e.g. the and is necessary to specify the full address.

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