Tutorial: How to schema.org markup your pages (article)

How To

Schema App Tutorial: Add Article Markup to your website pages

Why do you care?

By adding the schema.org markup for your pages you explicitly call out what your page is about contributing to your search engine optimization.

In this presentation we will tell you what information about your page you need to get started then walk you through how to add it to your website with the Schema App tool. It will all take less than 10 minutes! Let’s get Started!


  1. Register for Schema App – http://www.schemaapp.com/
  2. Login to app.schemaapp.com – Credentials sent from support@hunchmanifest.comEmail titled “Schema App Welcome, Credentials”
  3. Install and Activate WordPress Plugin – Schema App Structured Data for Schema.org (optional)

Information Checklist

  • About (optional)
  • Article Body (short summary)
  • Author- Name of Person
  • Date Published
  • Description
  • Headline
  • Image
  • Publisher: Organization
  • SameAs: Topic link to Wikipedia (optional)
  • URL

Step by Step Video on how to use it within the Schema App Tool

Watch this 5 minute video to be guided through how to add your information in the tool and then create the code or see it integrated in WordPress.

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