Tutorial: How to edit an entity once you have created it

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Schema App Tutorial: How to edit an Entity

So you have leaped into using Schema App and created some entities. Now what? You realize you need to change the information or add additional information. No problem. One of Schema Apps awesome features is that we store your entities so you don’t have to create markup from scratch, you just update it!

Step 1: Highlight the type of entity you created

For example in the picture below we are highlighting Organization.

Step 2: Find the Entity in the list

Look in the second window on the left for the instances of that entity you have created. The name listed here is the name you gave it when you first created it. You can search by using the search box below it.  Highlight the entity you want to edit.

Step 3: Click on the Edit box on the right panel.

Edit an Enttiy

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