Schema Markup News March 5th, 2019

We’ve curated some of the big news surrounding Schema markup for the week to help you stay on top of changes and news:

The Semantic Web and Linked Data

Teodora Petkova discusses the importance and evolution of the Semantic Web and Linked Data.


Using Javascript or GTM for Structured Data is not a bad thing

Recently there were some comments from Google that made its way to Search Engine Journal describing the preference for rendering Schema Markup JSON-LD server side. The recommendation is that publishers should place the JSON-LD on the server side within the HTML.


Google is Letting All Online Retailers Upload Product Data to Search Results

Google announced it is expanding Merchant Center capabilities to all online retailers allowing them to directly provide up-to-date product information.


Voice gaining on mobile browser as top choice for smartphone-based search

Voice is used more often to initiate communication (calling, texting), get directions or play music than it is for most other online activities. In this survey, “online search” was cited by roughly 23 percent of respondents as an “application” they’ve controlled by voice.


The Present and Future of Visual Search #SEOisAEO with Kristopher Jones at @yoastcon

Pinterest, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Instagram… Kris sees a semi-browserless world with voice and visual search dominating.

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