How To Use Schema App For Competitor Analysis

How To

You may not know this, but Schema App can be used for more than just creating and managing your Schema markup. You can use it for conducting a competitor analysis as well. It is now more important than ever to benchmark your SEO performance and gain industry insight by discovering how your competitors are using advanced SEO tools. If you are boosting your organic search performance with Schema App, it is important to find out where your business stands in terms of advanced SEO performance, as well as how deep into the language your competitors are diving into.

With the Schema App Structured Data Analyzer, you can run a report on any web domain on the internet. Once the report is completed, it will display a comprehensive and easy to read report which displays all of the Schema Markup on a website, including the page type and markup details. You can also see how well your competitors are doing their markup by looking at any warnings or errors in the markup.

The report allows you to click on any one of the page type categories. For the image above, there are 88 blog posts, 10 articles, and so on. It will then display a list of all of the pages on the website which fall under that category. The page type uses the categories which are found in the vocabulary.

This can be explored further by clicking on the individual page to view the exact markup on the page. This markup is what Google or other search engines use to interpret the content on your page. When you click on ‘View’, you will be presented with this markup information, which can be used not only to benchmark against your competitors, but also analyze your own website’s markup.

As you can see, The report displays all of Google’s required fields for Schema markup for a service page, along with what was entered into each field by the website owner. Watch the Schema App Analyzer tutorial video below to learn more about how it works.

Schema App’s powerful set of SEO tools for digital marketers will help you to gain important industry perspective in addition to building your organic search presence with Schema markup. The Schema App Analyzer is available with any of our paid subscriptions. Learn more here.

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