How to Set Up Schema App With Javascript API

Schema App allows you to automatically deploy your code directly into your website’s script area! This integration method is intended for people who do not want to use our Google Tag Manager integration, such as developers who’s workflow better suits an API method. It is also useful for web developers who use a CMS which does not integrate with Google Tag Manager, such as SquareSpace.

    1. Register for Schema App
    2. Markup your website using Schema App (video tutorial series)

      Simply send an email to asking for an API key. We will send you instructions containing the javascript code with your API key already pasted into it. You will just need to paste in your Account ID next to “x-account-name”

    4. Copy the code and paste it into the script area of your site

      The method is amazingly simple. Copy and paste the Javascript from the instructions we send you and insert it into the script area of your site, and that’s it! (Sample code below)


Other Uses For Javascript

You can use the Javascript integration with Squarespace. A screenshot of the script editor on a Squarespace site can be found below: