Schema Markup How-To Resources

How to create markup for a local business

It is finally here, the go-to blog for everything about Local Business Schema Markup. Today, I’ll show you how you can easily create your local business Schema markup in an efficient and effective way. Schema markup can help a local business stand out in search through rich results, and get up to 30% higher click through rates, higher organic traffic, and more conversions. I was inspired by great blogs by David Deering and Jayson Demers. I took their great advice mashed together with my experience at Schema App working with thousands of digital marketers around the world to create a guide on how to do markup for a local business without having to learn how to code. Brilliant eh! Read More.

How to understand Google's Structured Data Testing Tool Errors

The Google Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT) is a free tool created by Google to help you validate and test the syntactical correctness and alignment to Google recommendations of your schema markup. This guide covers everything related to the SDTT including common errors and how to fix them. Read More.

How Do I Know If My Schema Markup Is Working?

We’re often asked how to check the accuracy of your schema markup once it has been implemented. When you add Schema markup to your website, sometimes it can be tricky to immediately identify whether that markup is accurate and will contribute to higher click-through rates, and rich results. Fortunately, there are many tools available for you…Read More.

How to Markup a Product or Service

In this brief tutorial, we will show you how to mark up a product using the Schema App editor. Read More.

How to do Schema Markup for Variable Products with ProductModels, Offers

Creating schema markup for a single product is straightforward and well documented. For modeling multiple product variants for the same, the recommendations are less clear. There are several ways to create schema markup for complex products. You can either 1) Ignore mostly everything that’s different 2) Include the unique Pricing information or 3) Include different aspects of the variants. This guide will show you how to describe three common options for modeling Product Variations so that you can maximize the machine understanding of your complex products. Read More.

How to create Question and Answer Schema Markup for Best Answer, Answer Cards

Google search results now include a feature showing the Best Answer within their Answer Cards. Since their appearance in early December, people have been asking how you achieve this stand out result. This is our guide. Read More.

How to Develop a Schema Markup Strategy for a Website

When you decide to do Schema markup on a website, you have to figure out what pages you want to optimize and what part of the vocabulary you should use to get the best organic search results and the most Google rich results. This blog walks you through how the Schema App team builds Schema Markup strategies for their clients. We want to help you do the same for your own site, or for your client’s sites. This process is tried and true, and was developed by Schema App co-founder and Schema markup expert Mark van Berkel. Read More.

How to do Schema Markup for Open Hours 24 hours 7 days a week

In order to show that a business is open 24 hours, you need to create the open hour’s specification ( and then add the days that it is open for 24 hours and set the “opens” properties to 00:00 and “closes” property to “23:59”. This guide shows how to accomplish this with Schema App. Read More.

How to Set Up the Schema App WordPress Plugin

The Schema App WordPress plugin optimizes your website with schema markup automatically for blogs and pages….all for FREE! You can also use the same plugin to connect with the Schema App Editor to add custom schema markup to your WordPress site, easily and without having to write code. Learn more about Schema App Editor. Read More.

How to Get Started With Schema App

Google recommends using markup to optimize your website for organic search. But is complicated and it is hard to figure out what structured data you should use on what page to get the best results. That is why we have developed this guide. Our goal is to help you learn how to optimize a website using, and automating the processes by using Schema App. Don’t worry, you won’t have to write any code to get this right. Read More.

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