March Schema App Updates: ImageObjects, Genesis, Default Images, Faster Speeds

We’re happy to provide more capabilities to Schema App, both in our application and also in our WordPress plugin. Below summarizes the newest features and releases.

Schema App updates

We make incremental fixes to Schema App each month. Here are the highlights for March.

Schema App now supports all special characters – accents, Japanese, Russian….we support it all.   Previously JSON-LD added ??? if you used special characters, this is now fixed.

With Google’s recent changes to require Images to be an ImageObject and with height and width, Mark created a tool to allow you to do this easily for your existing images in Schema App. It will convert a URL into an imageObject with height and width, or automatically add height and width to existing image objects.  Read more about the feature and take action update your images to avoid Google errors.

Have you tried the Schema Paths tool in Schema App? Schema paths allow you to figure out how two data items (things) are connected in the schema language to help you build your knowledge graph. Schema App Paths Tool Quick Overview Video. We updated Schema Paths tool this month to include all the vocabularies and also to check for reverse relationships. So now if you are trying to relate a LocalBusiness with a videoObject, you can figure out the best way in minutes and not have to slog through the pages one by one.

Schema App, Structured Data WordPress Plugin 1.5.1 Release (Release Notes)

In this release we’ve included some key features and updates requested by our customers, they include:

  • Improving Schema App speed by storing custom schema markup data in WP. This means that the pages will load JSON-LD even faster!
  • Many of you are using the Genesis Framework and with this comes built-in schema markup. Now you can choose what Genesis markup you want to use, or want to remove with these easy filtering options.  We believe in being empowered to use schema markup how you want to use it, now you can.   These options will only appear if you are using Genesis.
  • Now you can add a default image to be used if your pages and posts do not include an image. We found that many of you were getting Errors from Google because no image was available. Now you can set a default image and no longer get these errors.
  • Ever wonder what those check boxes meant in Schema App? Now we describe what they do so you can decide if you want to use them.

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