How to Remove Schema Markup from Genesis Framework

In the 1.5.1 release of Schema App’s WordPress plugin, there is now an option to remove the Genesis Markup that comes default with the Genesis theme.  Why would you want to do this? If you want to add custom schema markup to your website and want to remove the more generalized markup that Genesis adds.

For example, if you had four pages on your website that described the services you offer, you would want to add markup for  In order for the markup on the page to be as specific as possible, you would want to remove the Organization markup on the page generated by Genesis.

In addition, the following types of schema markup are duplicated by Genesis if you are using Schema App.  We suggest you remove this markup from Genesis if you are using Schema App WordPress plugin.

The following are duplicative of Schema App if you turn on the options in Schema App.

The following are not in Schema App. The WebPage is redundant (what else is it if it’s on the web!) so we recommend you remove it.  The other 4 might could add a bit of context of the layout, so we recommend you leave those on.


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