About Us

Our mission is to accelerate your digital success. We help you to be found online by your customers, stand out from your competition and derive deeper insights from your data.

Schema App is the number one choice for structured data because only Schema App has an enterprise-grade solution that works with all websites, all content, without an IT Developer.

Customers use “search” to research, engage and buy. Search Engines like Google, Siri, and Alexa, are the gatekeepers to your data – your virtual front door. Their goal is to provide relevant answers.  Your goal is to attract your target audience. Applying Schema markup to your digital data ensures that it is explicitly understood by these gatekeepers. The outcome? Higher quality organic traffic which results in greater engagement,  conversions and ultimately, revenue.

About Schema App

Schema App empowers the Digital Marketer to own their schema markup strategy through to implementation without ever writing code or engaging with IT. Schema Markup (aka structured data) helps search engines explicitly understand your content so that you can be found and stand out in organic and voice search. Schema App has a comprehensive schema markup offering that spans the full lifecycle, starting with strategy services through to implementation and maintenance as well as a game-changing analytics offering, which allows marketers a granular view into which content is driving success.

Approximately 50% of the Schema App team is focused on development so that we can continuously add value to our customers via our enterprise-quality tools and services.


About Schema App’s Products

The Schema App toolset supports the entire schema.org vocabulary, allowing marketers to produce quality, scalable, connected schema markup in a fraction of the time. The Editor empowers marketers to optimize page by page, while the Highlighter allows you to optimize thousands of pages that share a similar page layout. The Analyzer checks the health of the structured data on a given website and alerts you of errors and warnings according to Google’s documentation. The Enhanced Analytic offerings allow you to report on any and all schema.org properties in Google Analytics so that you can better understand your customer’s behaviour. Schema App is passionate about enabling the full schema markup lifecycle, resulting in outstanding organic search results, and business insights.

Understanding Schema markup
What is Schema Markup and how does it benefit your business? (video + blog)

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